Gets you buzzed just looking at it.



- Leather upper, leather lining
- Narrow ankle w/ elastic finger gore siding
- Biker harness, silver metal detailing
- Thick rubber sole with tire tread
- Square toe
- Made in Mexico




- 2" Heel Height
- 5" Shaft Height
- 11" Circumference (elastic finger gore on each side) 

Fit Tip:

Runs true to size. Measurements taken from US size 8.




No you’re not imaging things… Like magic, the Mood Ring Whiskey fades into purple right before your eyes.


Add some natural sunlight and watch as they change from an off-white croco print to a vibrant purple. Stop everyone in their tracks and let them stare at the sunlight changing Whiskey boot. 




-Changes only with direct natural sunlight
-Will also be affected in natural shade
-Direct “heat” will not change coloring of boot and may affect the long term color

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