A couple things to remember:

We recommend regular upkeep on your FREEBIRD boot care to keep the items in pristine condition. Even shoes need a little TLC sometimes!

  • Your Freebird's are real leather, so you will have some imperfections. 
  • Unfortunately these are not waterproof, so please don't take them for a swim. 
  • We do recommend using a water resistant spray to help keep the leather from staining if it rains, snows, or if you spill your drink (we hate when that happens)
  • For suede products, we suggest using a wire/suede brush to maintain the appearance and quality of boot or shoe.
  • Most of our products have wooden heels, be careful not to wear down the heel cap into the wood itself. It's an inexpensive replacement to just get a new heel cap!
  • Each pair of FREEBIRD's is carefully and uniquely crafted.

    No two pairs are alike, so variations between leather and suede are normal.

For more detailed care/warranty instructions, please contact our Customer Service team Monday through Friday from 8am - 6pm MST at 1-888-FREEBIRD.